Rotten Peanuts is moving...

Good news for you guys. The team at Rotten Peanuts have joined up with For the Halibut. Talking to the guys over there, we found out that we had very similar tastes in projects, so we're teaming up to give you even more quality scanlations. 

Rest assured, I'm still taking on all Rotten Peanuts projects over to FTH scans, so no projects will be dropped as a result. Even better news, the guys over there have offered to purchase good Addicted to Curry raws to use, so even better quality Addicted to Curry for you.

On the topic of Addicted to Curry, we have a new chapter for you guys. Check it our at FTH scans

Rotten Peanuts Release #7 - REC Vol. 7 Chapter 47

Here it is! I loved this when it was an anime, and I found out about the manga.  This series hasn't seen any love in a while, so I hope we can continue to keep this going.

Download: mediafire | Online at batoto

Hello hello

Hello everyone!

I'm kai+ and I'll be joining rotten-peanuts from today onward.  I'll be responsible for the series we're picking up, REC, as well as taking over some of the duties on the other series.

Progress on REC 047:
Translation done
Clean done
Typeset (2/8/12)
Proof - releasing tomorrow!

Look forward to the release!

The awesome thing called Batoto

For those who don't know, there is an online manga reading site called Batoto.

I wasn't recently that I knew about this awesome site, but it was just recently that I noticed the difference between Batoto and other online readers. 

When I was reading my regular dose of Mangaka-san to Assistant san, I thought to myself, "Was my manga always this clear?"

Well, it turns out that Mangafox, mangareader and mangahere scale down manga to low quality. For better quality manga, go check out Batoto. It's too bad that I don't know how to set up my own manga reader for you guys, but I will be giving links to Batoto for my releases from now on. 

P.S: working on Addicted to Curry at the moment. ;)

Exams in 16 days

Like the title says, I got exams in 16 days, so I'm going to play dead for a while. Exams in January? Yep. Am I going to be studying for them? Nope.

Anyway, any one got a good manga to recommend? I'm bored as. I managed to finish all 300+ chapters of Negima all in one day. NEED MORE MANGA! Anyone know a good comedy manga? Think of it as doing a good deed for a fellow citizen of this Earth and you can think of yourself as a hero for saving a very small subset of humanity.

For you guys that have run out of manga like me, here are the ones I recommend (all comedy stuff):

  • Mangaka-San to Assistant-San 
  • Iris Zero 
  • The World God Only knows
  • Shinshi na meets girl
  • Lock On!
So tired. It's way past my bedtime. 

P.S: I hate the iPad. Stupid safari auto-refreshed two times when I was making this post. 

Rotten Peanuts Release #6- Addicted to Curry Vol. 9 Chapter 90 [Eng]

Happy Chinese New Year. This is our present from Rotten Peanuts. Nice timing, isn't it?

Thanks to
  • Our cleaner gdawg5130
  • Our translator tantou
  • Our proofreader Caboov 
All of them are awesome people so don't forget to thank them.

Download: Hotfile | Mediafire | Online at Batoto

Note: this is version 2 with corrections